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Scientific Name: Procyon lotor

Description:  Adults can weight between 7-20 lbs. Raccoons are usually nocturnal and their diets consists of mostly of invertebrates they also feed of vertebrates and plant foods.

Raccoons can often make their way into attics by breaking open soffits or entering through unsecured vents. They are known to carry fleas and can be aggressive, specially if they are carrying young. Raccoons can also be found in crawlspaces. Heavier walking like noises can be an indication of raccoon if they have enter an attic space.

Removal of wildlife is crucial as entrapped wildlife as result of sealing up entry access point can make en exit hole entering a living or working space or cause further damage to home by creating an exit hole.

Our services include Raccoon removal in Lenexa, Raccoon removal in Shawnee, Raccoon removal in Overland Park, Raccoon removal services in Johnson County and  Raccoon removal services in the Kansas City metro.

Raccoon Lifespan: Raccoons can be expected to live between 2-3 years in the wild.

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Description: In the Midwest there are three most common squirrels, Fox Squirrels, Grey Squirrels and Southern Flying Squirrels. Squirrels pose a threat to buildings mainly making entrance into attics by gnawing through wood, siding and soffit. Squirrels are most active during early and late hours of the day.

When inside an attic, squirrels pose a large threat due to their tendency of gnawing on exposed wiring inside the attic, this can create a fire hazard to the building. Squirrels can create great damage to a home and proper exclusion is required. Do not attempt to seal any point of entry without consulting professional assistance  as leaving an entrapped squirrel, can result in them gnawing through ceilings and falling into your living areas. We provide squirrel removal in Lenexa, squirrel removal in Shawnee, squirrel removal in Overland Park, squirrel removal services in Johnson County and squirrel removal services in the Kansas City metro. 

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