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Protect your most valuable investments from active termite colonies.  Damage from termites in a home is commonly found inside wall studs or in the form of shelter tubes along foundations, windows or walls. Termites often live in trees, soil, lumber, landscape logs, mulch, and wooden structures. Therefore, wooden structures are at high risk of damage caused by termites feeding. Identification of active termites in a home is key to control and stopping further damage or growth of an active termite colony. Here in the Midwest, the type of termite found which feeds on wooden structures is the Eastern Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes flavipes) and it is the economically most important termite here in the United States as it causes more the $5 billion dollars in damage each year in the USA.


Preliminary Termite Treatment
Our state certified commercial pest control technicians will perform a preliminary termite inspection to the structure to identify the presence of active termites, termite related damage, old or abandoned termite shelter tubes or staining indicating active termites or previously active termites.

Termite Treatment
Termite treatment will be recommended based upon findings. If no termites are found prevention services are available. Treatments may include spot liquid treatments or a complete termite baiting treatment service.



Schedule a free estimate today and Midway Pest Management will ensure your home is protected from invasive termites.

Terimite Control Overland Park

How Midway Pest Eliminates Termites 

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