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Squirrel Control

Humane Removal and Prevention


  • Length: Can grow up to 20 inches 

  • Weight: 1Lbs- 1.5 Lbs

  • Mating Seasons: Gray tree squirrels in Kansas/Missouri mate in mid to late winter and again in early summer

  • Gestation Period: 40-45 Days

  • Litter Size: Average 3-4 young 

How Do I Know I Have Squirrels My Attic or Walls?

Eastern gray squirrels peak activity occurs approximately 2-5 hours after sunrise and 2-4 hours before sunset. They can easily be heard during the day scampering across attics or loudly scratching or gnawing in localized areas. Squirrels shelter overnight and are typically not active at night unless disturbed. If you are hearing noises at night it may be an indication of bats, mice or other wildlife.

What Damage Can Squirrels Cause?

  • Insulation Damage: Urine and dropping accumulations

  • Wiring: Gnawed exposed attic and wall wiring

  • HVAC Ventilation Systems: Air ducts torn open by wildlife as HVAC ducts run in attics and walls 

  • Wood Gnawing: Interior attic is most susceptible to damages and 2×4’s studs often have gnaw damage when wildlife invades attics

  • Roof Vent: Torn roof vents is common when wildlife invades attics

  • Roof Damage: Shingles can get torn apart and openings are created on roofs by persistent on long staying wildlife

  • Water Damage: Areas left open for long periods of time often allow water and moisture to accumulate and damage open areas by creating wood rot


Midway Pest Management offers Attic Insulation Restoration services to remove damaged insulation and replacement of insulation. Removal of insulation and sanitation may be needed as squirrels can created an environment posing health hazards to people. Squirrels often leave urine and feces behind overtop of insulation. Burrowing and compaction of insulation is also common affecting the ability of to proper insulate home.

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Confirm Squirrels. Initiate Exclusion. Seal Up Entry Points

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