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Brown Recluse

Description: Brown recluse spiders can be found in most of of the Midwest and south-central states of the U.S. Brown recluse spiders usually are frightened of humans. The primary reason why they attack humans is because they are provoked or in self defense. Brown recluse spiders are known to be more poisonous than most most venomous snakes, however, the amount of poison injected is nowhere near what a snake bite introduces.

The Brown Recluse spiders is a scavenger so it goes out and finds its food.

This is a very common spider in Kansas City, Shawnee, Olathe, Overland Park and most of the Midwest. It is often seen in attics, inside homes, barns and can be seen inside most homes or buildings.

Southern Black Widow

Scientific Name: Latrodectus mactan

The venomous Southern Black Widow is known as shy and nocturnal spiders which means they wait for prey to come to them. Inhabits areas where it is not easily disturbed by humans such as, woodpiles, crevices, garages, storage rooms and other areas permitting solidarity. The male spider is approximately half the size of the female and have a white and red stripe pattern on their abdomen.

Description: South and North-Eastern states. It prefers the warmer temperatures.

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Pest and Rodent Control Kansas City
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