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Copperhead (Venomous)

Scientific Name: Agkistrodon contrortix

Description: Pit viper, keeled scales. They can presents as gray, tan or light brown, with a range of 7-20 dark brown, light-edged, hourglass shaped cross-bands. Head can vary in color from gray, brown to a reddish color. Belly is cream-colored with dark gray, brown or black blotches. Young will resemble that of the adult snake with a difference in the tail-tip as the young have a bright yellow or greenish yellow tail-tip. Adults can grow up to a length of 24-40 inches.

Habitat: Copperheads can be seen during day or night hours. They are found in the Midwest, South, South-East and Northern States. This snake is extremely venomous and can be found in park walking trails. Use caution when walking trails as this snake blends in with sticks and leaves. This species of snake tends to be more active in the Midwest from April-November.

Diet: Rodents, frogs, lizards, small snakes and cicadas.

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