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Rodent & Wildlife Control

Midway Pest Management’s first visit will be a preliminary visual inspection to the following areas: attic, crawlspace, soffit, siding, vents and areas around the structure that would yield entry access for wildlife. We will be inspecting for animal damage, wiring, insulation, ductwork, and other animal evidence to accurately identify invading animal or animals causing the damage. Upon inspection completion you will have access to a Personalized Inspection Report, detailing your needs and describing all your service options as well as an itemized estimate for any recommended Midway Pest Management’s wildlife control services.


  • Squirrel Removal

  • Raccoon Removal

  • Bat Removal

  • Bird Removal & Control

  • Skunk Removal

  • Dead Animal Removal


  • Mice and Rat Control

  • Vole Population Control

  • Chipmunk Population Control

Rodents - Midway Pest

Common Damage Associated with Animals in Attics

  • Insulation Damage: Urine and dropping accumulations

  • Wiring: Gnawed exposed attic and wall wiring

  • HVAC Ventilation Systems: Air ducts torn open by wildlife

  • Wood Gnawing: Interior attic is most susceptible to damages and 2×4’s studs often have gnaw damage when wildlife invades attics

  • Roof Vent: Torn roof vents is common when wildlife invades attics

  • Roof Damage: Shingles can get torn apart and openings are created on roofs by persistent on long staying wildlife

  • Water Damage: Areas left open for long periods of time often allow water and moisture to accumulate and damage open areas by creating wood rot

Are You Seeing Mice or Rats?

Mice and rats will seek shelter specially when weather deteriorates. As temperatures go into the extreme lows and or highs, rodents enter buildings through gaps, bad door seals, open doors and siding gaps. Once inside these rodents can quickly reproduces into heavy rodent infestations. Areas where mice or rats build nests are commonly building attics, wall-voids, crawlspaces, furniture, air vents and in many other areas inside. Infestations should quickly be stopped as soon as rodents have been spotted. Mice will commonly follow baseboards and will follow along walls, so finding looking for droppings can help you detect and infestation early.  Most common rodent gnaw damage can be seen on walls, wiring, vehicle electrical wiring and furniture inside or patio furniture. Rodents can quickly contaminate surfaces and ambient air this can potentially lead to respiratory health illnesses and diseases.

Some signs can be hearing squeaks inside walls, ceilings, vents. Mice will also make scratching noises and can be heard usually at night.

While there are plenty of products, traps and home remedies available to help get rid of mice and rats contacting professional  help still remains as the best option for successful control and elimination of vermin. Getting rid of these unwelcome visitors over winter is extremely important, as they began multiplying indoors and can quickly damage and contaminate buildings. When the cold winter days arrive to Kansas and Missouri, everyone wants to be inside in the warmth and so do mice and rats.

In fact, mice and rats can rapidly contaminate food storage areas and cause substantial damage to building  and vehicle wiring. Mice and rats most commonly make their way into buildings through poorly sealed doors. The most common areas where mice problems began in a home are inside garages, attics, basements and kitchens. After a short period of time rats and mice began multiplying.

Attic Insulation Contamination Caused By Rodents

Midway Pest Management offers Attic Insulation Restoration services to remove damaged insulation and replacement of insulation. Removal of insulation and sanitation may be needed as rodents can created an environment posing health hazards to people.

Midway Pest Management Attic Insulation Services.jpg

Remove- Prevent- Restore

We remove the problem and restore to create a safe environment

Health Concerns

Rats and mice can pose a real threat in a home. In some reported cases mice dust from droppings, urine and saliva airborne particles can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) which reports 50% fatality in all reported cases. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that of 100 inner-city bedrooms of children with asthma, 84 percent had detectable levels of airborne mouse allergen! Mice are not so innocent!

Health risks associated with rats and mice;

  • Allergies

  • Asthma symptoms (wheezing, difficulty breathing, etc.)

  • Asthma attacks

  • Asthma-related illnesses

  • Seek professional help to eliminate mice or rats, we are one phone call away. Call us for FREE Advice and schedule your service today. Same day service available.

Quick Tips

  • Place all dog, cat, bird food inside enclosed containers

  • Do not leave food out over-night

  • Ensure all entry door seals are not broken including garage door seals

  • Ensure exterior openings where plumbing comes into the house is sealed and there is no access gaps allowing rats and mice to freely enter the building

  • Always maintain garage doors down if not in use

If you suspect any activity please contact us for free advice. Our inspections are free of charge and we can quickly find the solution. 

We are here to help! Contact us for more information on common Kansas and Missouri wildlife control services and inquire about our recommendations please contact us! Wildlife can be dangerous, we advice you to contact a professional to safely remove wildlife.It is important to know, some invasive species are protected by state and/or federal laws and a Midway Pest Management wildlife expert can recommend the best and safest approach to safely excluding and preventing re-entry of wildlife into your home.

When you purchase Complete Rodent Control Services you can qualify to be guaranteed for up to 1 years. Complete services must include mice or rat removal, gaps entry point seal up and exterior rodent population control. If you experience the same problem, we will come back out for FREE! Warranty is subject to change based on ability to seal entry points based upon structures current conditions. Length period for warranty is subject to change.


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