Mice & Rat Control

Remove. Prevent. Restore


  • Usually grayish in color 3”-4" long

  • Can gain access into home through an opening of about 1/4”

  • Major health risk associated with mice is salmonella & leptospirosis

RAT (Norway Rats)

  • Black or brown in color 13"-18" long

  • Found around warehouses & residential areas

  • Prefer to live in dry upper levels of buildings

  • Found in cavities & false ceilings


REMOVE: Trap & Remove Existing Rodents

Our mice & rat trapping and removal process is designed to eliminate mice or rats that have caused the original infestation. Traps are used in conjunction with rodent exclusion to 

remove mice or rats from your home.

PREVENT: Seal All Possible Entry Points

This is a very important part of our process and we pay careful attention to detail. Our technicians identify and neatly (nearly unnoticeable alterations) close all of the entry points mice or rats are using or can use in the future. This allows us to completely protect your home with our 3 Step Process which includes a service warranty.

POPULATION CONTROL: Protect the entire perimeter of your home with population control devices to prevent re-entry

The final step to ensuring mice or rats don't come back inside is to control outdoor populations that cause damage to the exterior of your home and landscaping. Our technicians will review with you a population control procedure that includes the placement of rodent population control stations around the perimeter of your home. The stations are filled with rodenticide that will eliminate mice or rats when they ingest it.


Our trapping only option is designed to remove mice or rats from within your home or business establishment that have caused the original infestation. However, this service does not guarantee mice or rats won’t re-enter your home as preventive seal up of all possible entry points and rodent population control devices would not be implemented.


  • Place all dog, cat, bird food inside enclosed containers

  • Do not leave food out over-night

  • Ensure all entry door seals are not broken including garage door seals primarily in door corners

  • Ensure exterior openings where plumbing comes into the house is sealed and there is no access gaps allowing rats or mice to freely enter the building

  • Always maintain garage doors down if not in use as this is a primary access point for most rodents


  • Mice typically are active at night however day sightings can occur when disturbed or if heavy infestation is present

  • Mice will typically be heard in the quiet of the night scampering or scratching in localized areas such as walls and ceiling

  • Localized gnawing noises can be heard

  • High pitch squeaks 


  • If you can hear running, scampering , scratching and gnawing loudly during the day more than likely its a squirrel

  • High pitch squeaks near heard by chimneys or ceiling close to an eave or exterior wall can be an indication of bats

You can schedule a free consultation inspection for one of our technician to inspect and confirm activity


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