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Commercial & Industrial Pest Control Service

Professional Commercial Pest Control Services

Midway Pest Management offers business in the greater Kansas City Metro commercial & Industrial pest control services.

You put so much effort in running your business and creating an amazing business image. We are also a business and we care about what our customers and our community thinks of us. We focus on providing only the highest standard commercial pest control services to our Kansas City Metro communities.

Building a business takes hard work and sacrifice. Midway Pest Management understand the vulnerability business have from invading insects, rodents, bird and wildlife. We have mastered the ability to provide our local businesses effective and safe commercial pest control services. Our community holds businesses to a high standard and our specialty is keeping your business pest control free to create a positive image to your customers and employees. We will not allow bugs, rodents and other wildlife threaten your business image.

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Insect Control

Manage insect activity and prevent insects from taking over your work space. Provide a healthy work environment for staff and customers.

Rodent Population Control Station.JPG

Insect & Rodent

Manage insect and mice/rat activity and prevent pests from taking over your work space. Provide a healthy work environment for staff and customers.

Bat Control Services Midway Pest Managem

Wildlife Control

Midway Pest Management can help remove small and large wildlife from your business. We provide humane trapping and relocation of wildlife.

Contact Us and Let Us Help

Our commercial & Industrial pest control services are guaranteed and you will receive all the pest reports after our service experts perform pest control services. Once we have set-up a maintenance service our pest control experts will focus on identifying potential new threats and will work to keeping your business environment safe against invading pests.

Local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities and we want to keep your business healthy by successfully helping your keep pests away. Because your are a key part of our community we want to see you grow and provide your services to our community.


Our Health Departments are always working hard to ensure the highest level of protection is in place and we work hand and hand with our state health department to ensure we meet all of their standards and regulations to ensure your business is always meeting pest management state health department guidelines.

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