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We have a variety of products and services available to help you protect your investment. Nuisance birds can cause you thousands of dollars in damage per year. You are looking at this because you have nuisance birds and want solution options. Let us do a site survey and we will help you find the best solution to solve your nuisance bird problems.

Midway Pest Bird Control Kansas City

Midway Pest Management LLC is committed to serving you to the highest quality. Our bird control experts are trained on a monthly basis with the best in the industry. Our primary training support comes from Bird-B-Gone. We provide industrial, commercial and residential pest control solutions in Kansas and Missouri. Identifying the right bird control solution for you is paramount in effective control, elimination and reduction of nuisance birds. Birds can pose a threat to your health, employees and customers. In addition, birds can cost you thousands of dollars in damage per year, year after year. By implementing effective bird control you will reduce health and safety risks, lower your liability, eliminate bird droppings and stop bird damage to your building.

Common Nuisance Birds

  • Pigeons

  • Starlings

  • Woodpeckers

  • Sparrow

  • Swallows

  • Geese

Proper identification and thorough understanding of the species plays an important role in stopping a nuisance bird from returning. An inspection must first be schedule to identify bird species, and analyze site to conduct a bird control service. Midway Pest Management provides exemplary bird control services in the Kansas City area and surrounding communities.

The control of pigeons can be accomplish by netting and preventing nesting sites, the use of shock wires, spikes, baiting and using deterring methods to prevent birds from hanging out in a location. Pigeons are often a problem in large building and in balconies. They can easily be spotted standing on ledges of windows and along the roofs of building. If an existing roosting site exist pigeons will ignore most deterring methods and continue to come back to take care of the nest. A bird expert from Midway Pest Management will do an inspection of the site and explain the options you have to successfully control this species of bird.

bird control kansas city

Starlings fall right behind pigeons when it comes to nuisance birds. These birds feed mainly of berries, seeds and larvae. They can have a huge economic impact when they decide to make their nesting site your building. Their nest usually are in enclosed with nest opening of approximately 2 inches in diameter. The large scale build up of feces can corrode metal, masonry, and stone.

When nesting in building walls, the opening of the nest can let water into the walls flooding the walls and creating significant damage to the structure. Their is various method to eliminate nesting in buildings.

It is important to immediately began a Starling control service to eliminate current problem and recurring problems with Starlings. There is a variety of methods readily available to you ranging from netting control, installation of deterrent devices and deterrent products.​

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Economic Damage
Woodpeckers can cause significant damage to buildings. Whether a home or business the damage can become significant and costly. The immediate response as a home or business owner following hearing woodpeckers hammering at exterior walls is to put a stop to it. Woodpeckers seek food such as beetles that are found inside walls. They immediately began to hammer holes and often they will create multiple openings in the walls.

Some building have significant damage done that entire wall siding must be replaced and in addition woodpecker control services must still be conducted becoming a costly remediation to a problem that could have been prevented from becoming a large problem.

It is important to immediately began a woodpecker control service to eliminate current problem and recurring problems with woodpeckers. There is a variety of methods readily available to you ranging from netting control, installation of deterrent devices and deterrent products.

bird control kansas city

The Canada Goose is the most common geese in Kansas City and surrounding communities. There numbers have exploded over the past decade and so have the complaints.

Midway Pest Management uses no-lethal method for getting rid of geese. We have humane service methods for preventing geese from hanging out in your back yard pond to your golf course pond. When these birds hand out in large flocks they can be aggressive and territorial. To schedule a service to for an existing problem with geese or to prevent geese call Midway Pest Management, we are your bird experts in the Kansas City Metro Area: (913) 820-9737

bird control kansas city
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