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Need help with a bird problem? 
The expert staff at Midway Pest Management has years of experience handling some of the most complex situations when it comes to bird control in Kansas City. We have a wide range of effective solutions available for dealing with various types of birds for the home and commercial setting. Our programs are specially-designed to control, deter, and/or remove roosting or nesting birds which have gotten into or nested on your Kansas City area commercial building or home.

Midway Pest Management LLC is committed to implementing the most effective bird control methods to fit your specific needs. Our primary training support comes from Bird-B-Gone. We provide industrial, commercial and residential pest control solutions in Kansas and Missouri. Identifying the nuisance bird will help with active control, elimination and reduction of nuisance pest birds. Birds can pose a threat to your health, employees and customers. In addition, birds can cost you thousands of dollars in damage per year, year after year. By implementing effective bird control you will reduce health and safety risks, lower your liability, eliminate bird droppings and stop bird damage to your building.

Proper identification and thorough understanding of the species plays an important role in controlling nuisance bird from returning or decrease invading bird activity. An inspection must first be schedule to identify bird species, and analyze site to conduct a bird control service. Midway Pest Management provides exemplary bird control services in the Kansas City area and surrounding communities and trusted by major business in the Kansas City Metro and Johnson County.

Birds Inside Vents?

It is a common occurrence for birds to enter vents in the Johnson County and Kansas City Metro. Often birds will built nests inside exhaust vents, bathroom vents and dryer vents. Birds nesting inside vents are often identified by hearing chirping noises inside the walls or bird chirping noises inside the exhaust blower vents. Birds nesting inside vents can quickly plug vents and impede normal airflow. Birds must first be identified for proper removal in accordance with wildlife regulations and a bird nesting materials removal process should be implemented. Vents and exhaust tubes are often damaged by birds and birds may find themselves not only nesting inside the exhaust tube but tears in the exhaust tubes can open cavities for birds to expand nest to wall cavities. Bird sanitation and possibly bird mite treatments may be needed. Consult one of our wildlife management team members for assistance in bird removal from vents, vent guards installations and related services.

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