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Important First  Steps To Take

  1. Identification of Pest

  2. Identify Level of Infestation

  3. Schedule a Bed Bug Inspection (Properly select the best control measure based upon your specific situation.

Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control
Most often, self-treatments end up costing you more money, as bedbugs will spread even further when disturbed by misuse of products in efforts to eliminate. This spreading  bedbugs creates several problems as bedbugs can hide inside walls voids, power outlets, pictures, books, cracks and crevices and many more areas. When bedbugs are undisturbed it makes a target control much more effective and in most cases much less expensive. Pest Management companies base their pricing on bed bug control on type of service conducted, however in most self-treatments are a major up-charge as bed bugs can built tolerance and require more efforts to successfully eliminate infestation. 


Please contact a professional pest control company.

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Our Bed Bug Control Services
Know that regardless the level infestation, Midway Pest Management can handle it all. We are equipped with a total bedbug elimination program. Within our Bed Bug Control service we offer:

  • Chemical Treatments

  • Remedial Heat Treatments

  • Fumigation Treatment

Our Bedbug service experts will explain services in detail and will advice you on which service is most suitable for your current situation. We truly understand the nightmare you may be going through and you are making the best decision in educating yourself in the services available to you to end this nightmare.

Learn More about Bedbugs
The female bedbug can lay eggs at a rate of 4-8 eggs per day. The nymphs will hatch in approximately 6 days, seeking a blood meal immediately after birth. Nymphs will molt 5 times before becoming adults. A reproducing female bedbug can lay over 500 eggs in her lifetime, this is why it is important to immediately seek a control/elimination service.

Bedbug bites will resemble a chain pattern typically as bite, bite, bite and will feed for approximately 9 minutes or until fully engorged. Most people claim to not feel the bites as they are happening but after the fact bites can become itchy, depending on one’s allergic reaction to the bites. Bedbugs are opportunistic feeders and will feed at any hour of the day or night. They seek shelter anywhere where people spend prolonged periods of time so they can feed and immediately hide after each feeding. Here are more facts about bedbugs:

  • Adult female bedbugs will lay approximately 8 eggs per day every day.

  • Adult size will range between 6mm to 8mm while newly hatch nymphs can be as small as 1mm.

  • Bed bug eggs are white and approximately 1mm.

  • Inspect seams of mattresses and look for live bed bugs along mattress seams and box springs.

  • Bed bug bites are usually in a bite, bite, bite patter most commonly in arms and upper body, however they can also bite in lower extremities.

When a bed bug infestation is identified you should immediately stop all guest from visiting and also stop visiting friends and relatives as transferring of bed bug will be very likely.

 DO NOT SELF TREAT: When self treating it will be highly unlikely to eliminate infestation but in fact self treating can cause bed bugs to spread further into home or facility and also travel deeper inside walls and voids. When self treating you will kill some but will not eliminate infestation. The worst jobs we see are the one where customers self-treated.

Schedule an inspection!

We want to help you and will give you the best advice specific for your situation.

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