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Having little black ants crawling in your kitchen? Or are you seen them on the windows destroying the wood around windows?

Select a service right for you and protect your family, home and investments from invading pest. With out comprehensive programs we target ant colonies to stop the ants for good.  The two most common household ants are the little black ants and carpenter ants. These two pest can infiltrate your home in large numbers and quickly become a nightmare.  The first step in eliminating ants whether they are outside or inside is to target the queen in the colony. Targeting the queen will crush the entire colony.

What are some common Ants in Kansas and Missouri?

With over 450 species of ants in North America, ants are common in human environments. Ants typically built nests in lawns, under decorative stores around buildings, under landscaping logs, adjacent to foundation walls, on decaying wood or even inside the cavities of walls. Out of the 450 species found across North America less than 50 species have been known to invade homes or buildings. Here are the most common species of ants found to invade homes and structures in our Kansas City communities.

Having Problems with Invading Ants?

Do-It-Yourself ant control can seem like an endless battle. Often times when ants enter a structure the first instinct is to step or crush visible ants in hopes they will stop coming in. The ants communicate through powerful chemical pheromone glands that leave scented trails communicating trouble, food or travel ways. Most ants come from the outside and must be eliminated by targeting the entire colony an not only one branch of the colony. There are over 11 common invading ants in Kansas and Missouri that pose a threat to your home or business, while there are over 12,000 discovered ant species around the world.

Home treatments is not recommended because a DIY treatment does not compensate for the ants behavior, type of ant and location of nest.

Kansas and Missouri most abundant ants are in the genus Camponotus and Formica. These ant species are carpenter ants and red ants. Carpenter ants are typically found on windows, walls and most exterior wood sidings. You can suspect carpenter ants if there is evidence of wood dust around the perimeter of a building. Unlike termites, ants do not consume wood as they can not break down the cellulose. Instead they built galleries in the wood, extracting the wood dust from the gallery to rear young and protect the colony.

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