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We offer the pest control services necessary to keep your family safe against pest. Let us provide the protection your home needs against common invaders such as, pest spiders, ants, crickets, wasps, beetles, silverfish, rodents and many more nuisance pests. Pest control services are an essential piece in keeping homes pest free an preventing bug and rodent infestations.

Midway Pest Management offers business in the greater Kansas City Metro commercial & Industrial pest control services. You put so much effort in running your business and creating an amazing business image. We are also a business and we care about what our customers and our community thinks of us. We focus on providing only the highest standard commercial pest control services to our Kansas City Metro communities.

Midway Pest Management technicians are experts in the control of mice and rats. Our initial consultation visit will consist of an inspection to the interior and exterior of your property. We will also identify all rodent entry points, potential harborages, food and water sources and nesting sites inside and outside. Following our free rodent survey will recommend rodent control procedures and preventative
services. Our rodent control services come with a 2 Year Guarantee!

Protect your most valuable investments from active termite colonies.  Damage from termites in a home is commonly found inside wall studs or in the form of shelter tubes along foundations, windows or walls. Termites often live in trees, soil, lumber, landscape logs, mulch, and wooden structures.  Therefore, wooden structures are at high risk of damage caused by termites feeding. Identification of active termites in a home is key to control and stopping further damage or growth of an active termite colony. 

Bed bugs are rusty red in color and are small insects only measuring around 6-8mm. Bed bugs are an outgrowing problem all across the world. Bed bugs can be easily spread from place to place. What we do to eliminate bed bugs is, we identify  the level of infestation present and analyze the course of action to take that would work best for the situation at hand. The  best method to use will be recommended by our service experts and we will inform you in detail of what Midway Pest Management will do to control the bed bugs.

Need help with a bird problem? 
The expert staff at Midway Pest Management has years of experience handling some of the most complex situations when it comes to bird control in Kansas City. We have a wide range of effective solutions available for dealing with various types of birds for the home and commercial setting. Our programs are specially-designed to control, deter, and/or remove roosting or nesting birds which have gotten into or nested on your Kansas City area commercial building or home.

About Midway

Midway Pest Management is a locally owned and operated pest control company based out of Overland Park, KS  and Olathe, KS servicing the Johnson County area. We offer pest control services by truly focusing in providing excellent customer service and providing a higher standard of pest control service. After a detailed inspection, we create a pest management program specific for your home or business needs. We are more than just exterminators and our proactive approach will provide the protection you’ll need to eliminate and prevent invading bugs and removal of wildlife, rodents and birds.  


With our 100% customer satisfaction warranty, Midway Pest Management will take care of your pest problem.  We do it right the first time, saving you the stress associated with having pests and also saving your hard earned money. Pest control in Johnson County includes: Pest control in Lenexa, Pest control in Shawnee, Pest control in Overland Park, Pest control in Olathe and all other cities in Johnson County.

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